The years pass, the successes are linked, the encouragement are confirmed and motivate...

The story begins in 1961, when Chris falls in love at first sight at the age of 15.
A student in Paris at the time, Chris stumbles across a battered 125cc Motobécane for sale “as is”.

After buying this wonder, he spends a year carefully and painstakingly working on the battered wreck with his friends, completely renovating and transforming it into a 200cc racing machine for the French Trials competition.

The course of Chris Rayer in a few lines…


With this machine, he wins his first victory in the French national Trials championship. He finishes the season in the national top 5 and so classifies for the following season’s “inter” category.


Chris scrimps and saves to buy, from England, the first “real” Greeves competition motorcycle so that he can compete with the top international riders of the time on equal terms. The results speak for themselves: in the first season è Chris Rayer becomes the French “inter” vice champion.

From 1965 to 1968.

Now French “inter” champion, he regularly finishes European championship races in the first three positions. Montesa’s doors are opened wide to him. The company chooses him as its top rider to help it to develop a new machine that will represent the Montesa name in French races and abroad. 1968. The result ? The Montesa Cota 247 — the first production model in a long lineage of competition machines that still exists to this day.


Chris also joins Honda France.
Drawing on his skills as a technician and developer, he sets up, in Paris and elsewhere, a technical school providing training on the manufacturer’s models for its dealerships. Honda is already famous for its high performance four-stroke engines and this training is very successful, lasting several years.


Chris opens the first shop specialising in trail bikes in Paris, with the name “Moto 92”, in Chaville.


1970. A new adventure begins. Chris leaves Montesa to join Yamaha, which asks him to create, with the backing of the Hamatsu Japan plant, the company’s first 250cc Trials bike prototype.


1973 sees the production launch of the Yamaha TY motorcycle, the first ever Japanese trials bike. Thus begins an enormous technical and commercial success story worldwide.


The first Engine Kit is created : TY 350 CC.


To meet growing demand from customers wanting similar engine performance and benefit from Chris’s experience gained during his top-level racing years, Moto 92 creates an Engine Kit department.


In response to the craze for trail bikes, Moto 92 opens the first school for trail bike riders, “Trial Moto-Verte-Yamaha”, in Paris. For some years, this school helps to train and encourage hundreds of trail bike riders.

From 1977 to 1980.

- First Tour of Corsica motorcycle rally è 500cc class win on an XT special
- Participates in the Abidjan-Nice rally on a DT400MX, coming second
- The Touquet “Enduro” race è Overall second position out of over 900 starters, on a Works Yamaha 425cc IT.
- Participates in the first Paris-Dakar Rally, in the Yamaha Works Team, winning many African stages on the XT.


Makes one of the first French ULMs. Designs and creates a 200cc two-cylinder engine (2x100cc independent linked cylinders) for a “Quick-Silver-USA” ULM è Altitude reached: 1,500 m at 60 kph.

By surrounding himself with the best subcontractors, each at the forefront in their field, Chris Rayer creates engine parts that combine:

An example : the 600cc Kit, which was created for the famous 500 XT, has also been an enormous success.

Customers write that they still drive with 600 engines which have more than 150,000 km. This information is reserved for the use of all competitors who have been engulfed in this niche for several years, and who like to spread rumors about the questionable quality of certain products and think, of course, that they are the only competent. We will not name anyone, as they are very easily recognizable on the web.

Thousands of the highly-successful kits have been sold, some of which are still in use on motorcycles that are running even today, many years later.

TY 350 CC – TYI 75 – TY 239 I 75 CC DT MX et 200 CC DT MX – XT 350 CC – XT 600 CC – 200 CC TWIN HONDA – XLS – XR I 180 CC HONDA

Since then …

Over 80 new high-performance engine models have been created in the ‘’IP Moteurs - Rayer‘’ range

And the youngest...

The latest addition to the family is the 200cc 4-Stroke Yamaha TTR/XT-R/YB-R/XT-X (198cc), offering a 70% power increase. This model has been used, very successfully, for several years on more than ten different makes of motorcycles in many part of the world.