Motor Kit, the story of an enthusiast

All over the world, a name and a passion at the service of performance and excellence...

Chris Rayer’s story is that of a true motorcycle enthusiast who has been prominent in the motorcycling world for over 40 years.

He has drawn on his expertise gained through his considerable experience and knowledge of this specialised field, in which improvisation should not even be considered, to offer you a range of over 80 products that can increase your engine’s power output by between 20 and 70%.

One aim : Giving your engine more power while maintaining its original reliability and flexibility.
One golden rule : Ensuring your modified engine is of equal or even higher quality than in its original form.

Increased power for all engine sizes – from 125 to 1,000 CC

To purchase Chris Rayer's book, please send a check for €25
(postage included), payable to Christian Rayer, to the following address:
IP MOTORS BP 185 Sophia-Antipolis 06904 Valbonne Cedex France

Also available in digital version (on request) at the price of 15 €

By choosing Chris Rayer, you are calling on the ideal expert for listening to your needs, giving you the best advice and guiding you in what is feasible. We invite you to browse our site's pages to see an overview of our skills and know-how.