Chris Rayer, a name, a passion!

Objective, the quality of service and advice to ensure you flawless new sensations.

Between expertise and knowledge of a medium or improvisation has no place, Chris Strike offers, in addition to engine kits, a whole range of accessories selected primarily for their quality.

Essential mechanical parts, the performance improvements that have been proven.

What they think ...

They are delighted with the new power of their machine!

Didier Clémot - Angers (XT 600cc )
Mons G - Charpa

gne (Préparation 175cc DTMX) - France
M. Steele Brad – Australie
M. Sneezy – Belgique


We also offer the realization and repair of various parts:

  • Chemises
  • Embiellage
  • Cylindres
  • Kits bielles

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Kit Motors / Ip Engine transforms the motor of your motorcycle and quad in the 06 (Alpes-Maritimes) to improve performance and power. Its manager Chris Rayer offers motor kits and engine accessories for all bands.
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