The book of Chris Rayer

Ex-Champion, Chris Rayer tells us all on a very eventful life, full of twists often comical, where many adventures, scenic trips, often dangerous, but always sources of experiences and unexpected encounters, are woven.
Fond of sports, passionate in many disciplines, freedom-loving, lover of women and wilderness, 260 pages and photos twists.

To purchase Chris Rayer's book, please send a bank check (25 €, including postage), payable to Christian Rayer, to the following address:

IP MOTORS PO Box 185 Sophia-Antipolis 06904 Valbonne Cedex France

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Kit Motors / Ip Engine transforms the motor of your motorcycle and quad in the 06 (Alpes-Maritimes) to improve performance and power. Its manager Chris Rayer offers motor kits and engine accessories for all bands.
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